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Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005, 06:07 pm

I think... I missed something? o_O

Wed, Aug. 10th, 2005, 06:20 pm

Er... Went to the party, but not many people saw me, I think. I wound up shoved in a closet for most of it. I guess whoever did it doesn't like like Robin, but I don't know how anyone could dislike such an amazing sidekick!

Anyway, I don't remember much after getting out...

Erm, sorry. I'll do better next time.

Ino, hope you're doing better.

Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005, 08:48 pm

So, it's been a while. My dad finally got sick of my stutter and sent me off to a clinic. It wasn't that much fun, and I might have picked up a bad twitch instead. But, um, at least the stutter is gone, right?

Now I've been working on a project, and I forgot about almost everything but food and, erm, spandex. Home economics really came in handy this time. I might have a new outfit the next time you see me. I think it looks really cool so far, like Robin or something, only green and orange.

Er, yeah. A lot's been going on at school, too, but I was absent for some of it and kind of ignored the rest.

Wed, Jun. 15th, 2005, 10:19 am

Huh....I f-forgot about this thing....the cruise went o-okay, I guess...but I g-got a really bad su-su-sunburn....My sunburn has a sunburn....no am-m-mount of ice cream can console me n-n-now....M-mom and dad are k-keeping me out of school for an-nother week or so. I wonder what's g-going on over there?

Ehhhhh...My arms are k-k-killing me. H-how was I s-supposed to, uh, to know that my s-sunscreen was mayonnaise? D-dammit! @X__________X@

OOC: Yep, my computer isn't back yet. I also just took on a second job. I'm a nutcase, I know. But hey, I'm still around!!

Wed, May. 11th, 2005, 04:04 pm

I wanted to t-try and do the costumes f-for the school play but if my d-dad found out he'd kill me. He d-doesn't approve of my hobbies...b-but baking and sewing are p-perftectly fine hobbies for boys...I mean, Asuma does it f-fine! And there's n-nothing wrong with wanting to look good while making a p-p-perfect éclair...right? Maybe I'll ask to b-be in charge of refreshments on opening n-night. I l-love bake sales!

but my p-parents decided to g-go on a carribean c-cruise....I'm so excited I can't sta-stand it! B-buffets of food, just waiting for m-me...and all free! Yes! HEAVEN! I wish I could bring friends but I can't...s-sorry Shikamaru. I h-hope you find K-Kiba soon. I haven't seen him around anywhere....but w-with a sister like his, I'd be in h-hiding t-t-too.

I t-told my dad I was on the football team. Is that a b-bad lie? He was so proud of me and...now...I c-can't tell him the r-real truth. He wants to know when the g-g-games are. What if he sh-shows up and s-sees me dancing around ing a giant green l-leaf cos-costume!?! I...I'd just die. M-Maybe I'll wait until she's st-stuffed on the cruise to tell him...s-so he can't chase me around. Huhh....

S-see you in two weeks!!

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 08:32 pm

I...uh...I think I just remembered why I don't get invited to more parties...

Good news is, I woke up at home in my own bed...(thank you, public transportation)

Bad news is...I wasn't alone.


Ino...I found your entourage...WHY is your choreographer wearing my boxers?

...S-so I went downstairs and there was Ino's personal trainer, helping my mom cook breakfast...and there were MORE employees of Ino's sitting at my table~! Ahhh! I...I...I don't know what is happening!! B-but they, uh, they seem to think I'm a really good dancer...

What happened on the weekend...?

...I didn't bother going to school on Monday and Tuesday...I...I think...I'm scarred for life...

...Why won't Ino's entourage go home already?? N-no! Hey! WHY ARE YOU SETTING UP COTS IN MY LIVING ROOM?

G-god...Shikamaru, can you, uh, get me my homework? I have to figure out how to kick these h-hair stylists out of my house...

Sat, Apr. 9th, 2005, 12:06 pm
Big Entry Ahead.

First of all, I'm starving. Where did my sandwich go...?

I missed the first day of school because I was sick actually, my dad tried to give me a new haircut and it went horribly wrong but we fixed it so I think I missed a whole bunch of...stuff. High school isn't really what I thought it would be...um...yeah...Everyone looks a lot older. and there are seniors wandering around shoving people into lockers. I feel left out, since I deserve to be shoved into a locker...except uh...uh...I don't fit...I don't even fit into the janitor's closet believe me, they tried.

Uh...my classes are okay, I guess. I'm stuck in Home ec, gym, english, and fashion design (DON'T ASK--my mom wanted me to take fashion and my dad made me take gym. I AM A PAWN) I'm amazed we get any learning done in English, uhhh, since Mr. Gai is a nutbar very passionate...then again, I'm always distracted by my dear neighbour, the um...the garbage can. People keep throwing out perfectly good snacks. I feel it's, um, my duty to retrieve them and send them to a better place...?

Home ec with Mr. Asuma is always interesting. I'm the only guy in the class, which uh...makes me uh...uncomfortable. The girls are nice to me, sometimes, but they giggle and ignore me a lot. and uh, they laugh when I talk...because of..you know. Anyway.

 I still don't know what the name of his reality show is, but apparently it has amazing ratings--and it hasn't even AIRED yet. I feel cool because I get to be in it...but I keep messing up whenever they put the cameras on me. And they keep interrupting asuma when he's teaching us ho to bake broniews (YAY) All the girls in the class keep giggling and flipping their hair and stuff and weird guys keep knocking on the classroom door asking for..umm... "staplers"...and then they shout something weird...we have a quiz next week on proper safety in the kitchen. Hey, I may actually pass this course! uhm, I'm gonna uh, ignore the fact that home ec is not just cooking and pretend to ignore the fact that in a few weeks we'll be starting a sewing unit. I need a new apron anyway. Which is annoying because, uh, I already have fashion design. So yeah. AAAGH the girls in fashion design just HAPPEN to be the same girls as in my home ec class. Gyuh. Wait, why am I complainning? a class full of girls? What guys wouldn't want it?!?! (that's, uh, that's sarcasm)

So Club Rush week...it was...uh...interesting. People here are so competitive. I went to sign up for the chess club because Shikamaru taught me to play and it's okay...I guess...I also want to have something to do instead of sitting at home all the time...my dad says I need to get involved with the school more.....so I joined the, uh, the chess club. But then the next day my gym teacher came up to me in the hall and shook my hand. He uh...he wanted to thank me for contributing to the school spirit and uh...he asked me for my measurements.

Uh...I think I joined the cheerleading team by accident. Yeah. Iwent back and signed up for the real Chess club, though.

No, dad, I will NOT join the football team Luckily, I'm not an actual cheerleader. Or so I was told. They uh...they...don't have..uh, things in my size. So I'm going to be a special member. Uhh...uh...as long as I don't have to uh...say anything. I don't like talking, because of reasons we DO NOT speak of.

So uh, why is everyone suddenly in the drama club? Weird...if you guys need any help I can uh, offer my services but uh...the most I can do is costumes don't ask why I can, uh, sew stuff already...let's just say that cosplaying as Neelix (Voyager) or Quark (DS9)  from Star Trek is a big hobby of mine

Has anyone noticed how many bullies we have this school? I was walking down the hall and I, uh, saw six freshman get stuffed into lockers. One girl didn't even look like a freshman. What is she, twelve? I found someone in my locker, too. Man, they uh, they really stuff you in there, don't they?

Some guy, uh, a senior, walked behind me and snatched my wallet out of my pocket, took my lunch money, and then threw my wallet back in my face. All my money! GONE! I wish they would shove me into lockers, too...then I could, uh, hide from everyone. Uh, so, I was starving, and so I headed into the cafeteria and uh, some really nice kids said I could have their lunch money. I ws really touched. But they, uh, they ran away really fast. Uh, I wanted to eat lunch with them but um..I guess they had to go to class. Oh well...I asked more people in the caf and they all ended up giving me their lunch money! School isn't as bad as  I thought it would be, it's almost bearable, since everyone(except, uh, those stupid annoying seniors) So I made almost eighty dollars to spend on my awesome lunch!! CHEF'S SURPRISE! I saw the, uh, same kids later in english class and they told me they thought I was a senior. Uh, wow! I guess they thought I was uh, one of the nice seniors and gave me their money because they respected me. That, uh, that's a first. notice how I managed not to mention the two desks I broke in english class...embarassing

So, uh, I think in fashion design class my first project is going to be a Jedi cloak, because the new Star Wars movie is, uh, coming out and I'm not gonna miss it! Yeah, gonna go see it in costume, uh, and maybe I can wear it to the, uh, convention next year. I finished, uh, re-painting my Y-wing model and I've started assembling my newest Incom Corporation T-65 A2 X-Wing (my old one fell off the shelf and broke)....I just have to figure out the right paint tint for the S-foils. And, uh, I gotta say how sweet the classic  Krupx MG7 Proton Torpedo Launchers are.

People in this school look funny. One guy is, uh, dressed as a girl and one of the seniors who beats people up is...blue?? I mean uh....I respect everyone's differences...but...this is just crazy...and normally I wouldn't be complaining but I can't concentrate on avoiding bullies if the girls keep, uh, making their skirts shorter. It's uh...distracting. Eh...

...I don't really want to go to that party...even though everyone else is going...but uh...I made some platters of food for them...so TenTen might...uh..not kill me. Of course, she's the drunk one, right? ...drinking is bad! I hope they uh, enjoy my Mushroom Croustades. I hope nothing weird happens.....



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